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Here's an Outline of Everything You're Gonna Learn in this Course!

  • Module 1 - Mindset - Learn how to get yourself ready to focus on your work and block out distractions.
  • Module 2 - Selecting a Brokerage - Get real talk on how to chose the best brokerage for you so you can leverage splits, fees, and training to your benefit.
  • Module 3 - Numbers and Goal Setting - Practical ways to set goals you will actually reach while managing expenses and pushing yourself to do more than you imagine.
  • Module 4 - Scheduling - How to effectively manage your time so you avoid spinning your wheels, getting burnt out, and maintain a personal life too.
  • Module 5 - Systems - The exact systems you should be using to maximize your time making money and minimize your frustrations with technology and complication.
  • Module 6 - Contracts - Everything you need to begin understanding to a vital, yet overlooked part of the massive value you bring to your clients.
  • Module 7 - Lead Generation - Arguably the MOST important skillset you can learn. Use these lessons to save yourself thousands of dollars in advertising and fees while also generating massive income earning potential for yourself.
  • Module 8 - Follow-up and Conversion - Learn the best ways to follow-up with clients and turn leads into dollars with a few simple lessons.
  • Module 9 - Bonuses and More - Get key questions answered like: "What should I keep in my car?" "How do I do a listing presentation?" "How do I handle presenting or reviewing offers?" "How do I do a CMA?" "How to stay safe?"

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